Get an automated box office GUP "Mosgortrans" transport card, it is also called a smart card. It can be used for travel on any ground transport except the monorail line. Points of sale of transport cards you can find on the official website of the company "Mosgortrans". Keep in mind that when you purchase you will be taken by the collateral value of the card. If you wish, you can rent it at the point of sale of tickets and to return money. Charge card you can one of two available methods.
Please contact "sales of tickets and replenishment of balance transport cards GUP "Mosgortrans", ' these points are available on the official website. You can charge the card for a certain amount of travel, for example, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 60. In addition, you have an opportunity to increase the balance by a certain amount, based on the cost of public transport, and to use the map 1, 5, 30, 90 or 365 days no limit on the number of trips. The employee will make the card by hand. Payment is in cash.
Use the services partner program "Transport card" of the company "Eleksnet". The terminals of this organization is located in Moscow and Moscow region, their addresses are listed on the official website of this organization and on the website of GUP "Mosgortrans". Put your transport card to the yellow circle of the terminal and follow the instructions on the monitor. To top up your card using this device on a certain number of trips or for a specified number of days as well as through "Mosgortrans". Enter cash into the bill acceptor. Keep in mind that the terminal does not give change, but proposes to transfer the balance on a mobile phone (Beeline, MTS, MegaFon). With the amount of transfer to the cell will incur a fee.