The most common method of replenishment of transport cards is to contact the point of sale or another operator transportation (ground transport, metro, Railways). For example, the cashier of the metro or the suburban railway ticket office, a kiosk selling tickets for public transport or the sales office of the carrier.
In some regions, technical replenishment cards can be to possess a third-party organization. For example, newsstands in the presence of their range of single tickets for public transport.
In this case, contact the point of sales, show the cashier the card and the necessary amount of money in accordance with the rates on the cards.
Relatively widespread is also the option of combining the functions of Bank card and metro card. The mechanism of granting of discounts usually depends on the number of trips per month. As soon as their number overcomes a particular threshold, the subsequent price decreases.
Prerequisite use this option for payment is the account balance, allowing you to make at least one trip.
To Supplement such a map is possible in the same way as any other Bank: cash Deposit through the Bank or ATM with bill acceptance, if any member of a particular credit organization in service) or the transfer of funds to the card account from the same or another Bank.
About other methods of transit card information. However, one can imagine further progress in this direction, especially in large cities. The development of modern technology and the demand for public transport services represent a favourable framework for the implementation of variants of payment, e.g. money transfer through Internet banking, electronic payment systems or credit card on the website of the carrier or intermediary.