Please contact any branch of "Bank of Moscow". A list of the addresses of the offices are available on the official website of the organization button located at the top of the main page. Show employee Bank social security card and a document proving your identity. After checking the data specialist will take your cash money and Deposit it in your account. Keep in mind that if you carried out the transfer of funds to 17.00, they appear on the balance of your card on the same day, and you will be able to dispose of them. If the transaction took place after 17.00, the funds will be available to you until the next day.
Use one of the ATMs of "Bank of Moscow", a list of addresses where they are located, can be found on the official website or with a query in the search engine. Keep in mind that not all ATMs are equipped with bill acceptors, therefore it is better to clarify this information by phone 495-925-8000. Insert the card of the Muscovite special branch, enter the pin code. Select the option "Refill balance". Then insert cash into the bill acceptor, the cash machine you will see the instructions what quantity of banknotes of various denominations it accepts at the same time. Complete the operation. To ensure that the money deposited to the account, request a mini statement.
Transfer funds to the personal account of a social card of the Muscovite from the other Bank account. Please contact the branch of the Bank, will issue the payment order to transfer funds. Enter the details of the Bank of Moscow. This information you can find on the official website of the program "Social card of the Muscovite" or on the website of the Bank. In the column "Purpose of payment" write "Deposit account...", then specify the name, surname, patronymic, number of the card. The deposited amount will be available for use the next day.