You will need
  • - help from school;
  • - birth certificate + baby passport one of the parents / or the passport of the student;
  • - photo 3x4;
  • - 100-500 RUB or certificate of status of the poor;
  • - application form.
Will receive from the Secretary of the institution a special questionnaire on the reverse side which is written detailed instructions on its filling.
Complete the application form with a ballpoint pen of blue or black block letters. It is impossible to make mistakes and corrections. In ismeta it also will not accept.
Go to the photo Studio and take a picture of the student 3x4, and then insert it into the designated place of the sheet-statements.
Sign the document with the seal of the educational institution and signed by the Director or other responsible person.
Then hand in your questionnaire to one of the cash boxes or underground control room. Usually all ticket offices sell tickets. But one of them definitely is engaged in registration of social security cards.
A student must have an identity document. If a passport yet, the birth certificate of the child and the passport of one parent. Make photocopies of these documents. Also the student will require a certificate that shows the school and class.
At the same time put the money on the card. From about 100 to 500 RUB Children from low-income families money. Only pre-get help from the Department of social protection confirming the status of the poor.
Social map of Moscow issued free of charge. But if it was lost or damaged, it will have to pay around 50 rubles.
Exactly ten business days of the social security card of the student will be ready. And it will be available. Working days of course does not include holidays and weekends.
To myself again, it is necessary to have a document confirming the identity, the spine of application forms and receipt of payment in the event of a primary loss. This is the order card.