You will need
  • phone number, money, terminal, or card Sherbanka
For payment services do not need special knowledge or skills. To use the terminal is not difficult, just follow the prompts that appear on the screen, and the technique voice instruction says to do. At any moment you can always abandon the operation by pressing the "Back" button or "Cancel". So you need to put money on the phone through the terminal. On the touch screen from the menu, select the desired service (mobile payment), the desired operator and enter a number in the phone.
Payment automatic voice commands will prompt you for the desired operation. After dialing the phoneand check it, using the keys "-" and "C" adjust the figures confirm that the number you have dialed correctly and press the "next"button.
Put through the bill acceptor required amount, confirm the payment using the "Pay"button.
After the payment, be sure to take a check.
But note that the change of terminal does not hand over and for paying for the services may be retained by the Commission. However, if the payment is taken and the Commission should not refuse to use the terminal. Payment of fee can be equated to the cost of transport. The Commission is not a drawback in use, it justifies itself.
If the money is not credited, you can contact customer service, room telephoneand have. You will be asked to name the number of the terminal from which the payment is made, a room phoneand and date.
You can pay for phone through the terminal Bank with a plastic card. To do this, insert the terminal their plastic card, enter the PIN code. On the screen, select the entry "Payments" and the category of services ("Internet and IP Telephony").
You see a list of providers, select the desired operator and click "next".
In otkrylasya window enter the number of the phonein international format and the amount to be credited into the account without cents. Click "next" and take the check.Don't forget to take your plastic card.