To purchase and replenish the transport map can be in specialized service centers, points of recharge (the Russian Post office, banks, kiosks, etc.). Payment of travel Transport map is carried out only if there are sufficient funds in the card balance, so it must be promptly replenished.
Map of GUP "Mosgortrans" can be recharged using the self-service terminal. Insert your card into the reader on the terminal (it is usually marked with a picture with a yellow circle), select the desired number of trips or the period of recharge (30 to 365 days). Insert one bill at the receiver and press "Pay". Remember that the terminal date does not, but the amount exceeding the total cost of travel can be made at the expense of a mobile phone.
Bank card with the transport application you can replenish the same way as a regular debit card. Just insert the card into the ATM of your Bank, enter the pin code, select the option "recharge" and insert the required amount into the bill acceptor. Within an hour the money will be credited to the account, and you will be available for paid travel.
Please contact the point of recharge, for example, the post office and pay required amount to the card account. Credited with the amount of replenishment added to the balance on the Transport map. It is recommended to keep your receipt of purchase and funding the card before the end of the paid term.
Payment of travel is by self-service, with the help of the conductor or the driver of the vehicle. To do this, lock the map for a few seconds to the reader terminal which is a conductor, and then get the ticket.
The service life of the transport card at target using it is 3 years, in this case, if the operation of payment transportation cards are not implemented for 12 months, it will be blocked and the balance of funds on card holder will not be refunded.