You will need
  • - social card.
Determine what type of your social security card. They are available in different types: for students, schoolchildren and pensioners and the disabled. Depend on activation rules of the travel document.
The opportunity to start using the card depends on the city in which you received it. For example, students can activate their card at the ticket office at any metro station. But if they want to use more and ground transport, it is necessary to find a kiosk Mosgortrans. He is normally at the stop of trolley bus. Insert your card into a card reader device and select the menu item activation. You will then be able to put the money on the card and use it to pay the fare.
People who received the map in Novosibirsk, must act differently. Map of the student and the student must activate, not once, but every six months. This can be done only through a special kiosk "Kvartplata", located at public transport stops and metro stations. To do this, insert the card into the machine, select the menu option "Add card" and enter into the account not less than fifty rubles. After that, the map will become active and ready to use as a travel document. Date need card activation typically reported for the month through ads in the subway and buses.

Pensioners and disabled persons of Novosibirsk can also activate your card by contacting the Department of social protection at the place of residence.
In Chelyabinsk there is a order - card issued to beneficiaries of social protection is already activated and ready to use.

If you live in another city, then you can also have its own system of activation maps. To understand what to do in your situation, contact the organization that issued you the card. You tell me how to start to use it.