Modern washing machines are designed to work in fully automatic mode and do not provide for intervention in the washing process. But despite this, sometimes there are moments when the washing process to stop immediately. This may be caused by the presence of foreign objects in the drum of the machine, incorrect downloading at the same time white and colored things, improperly selected detergent and other causes.
In all automatic washing machines provided for locking the drum door from accidentally opening during the wash cycle. This is justified because of untimely opening of the compartment for clothes can lead to spillage of large amounts of water, disruption of the process of washing and damage to washing machine. The locking mechanism of opening the door is performed by the special electromagnetic lock. The door closes at the beginning and remains locked throughout the washing process. To open the compartment only when the Laundry is completed in a regular way.
Stop the washing process or its early finish is the emergency situation for the "brain" of the washing machine. The control unit in accordance with the program continues to block the door. Its unlock will happen automatically after a few minutes. If not, make sure that the washing programme is completed. Do not attempt to disconnect the washing machine from the mains. The door can only be opened when the power is on.
If the washing machine door remains locked for a long time (ten minutes or more), make sure that the drum washing machine is no water. To remove water, run the drain programme, which is available in each washing machine. If the program "drain" is not working, probably out of order drain pump of the washing machine. In this case, to open the washing machine can only experts. Do not attempt to use physical force or objects to open the door - it will lead to breakage of the mechanism.