Advice 1: How to tension the belt on a washing machine

During long operation of washing machines it is often necessary to tension or replace drive belt. It is very important to notice and resolve the issue in time, as it can lead to more serious damage. If your drum machine doesn't spin or spins only at low load, and as it rotates you hear a scraping sound - it's time to change the belt drive.
How to tension the belt on a washing machine
You will need
  • Phillips screwdriver, pliers.
Unplug the washer and shut off the water.
Take a Phillips screwdriver and remove the two screws fastening. These screws are on the rear wall of the washing machine and attach the top panel to the housing.
With one hand lift the back of the cover of the machine and slide the cover towards the back wall.
Remove the lid of the washing machinewhen you feel it detach.
Unscrew the screws located on the back cover of the washing machineand remove the back cover.
Slightly tilt the washing machine back to get a free access to its lower part.
Remove with pliers, the spring supporting the node washing.
Remove the old beltby rotating it on the pulley.
Loosen the engine and slide it in the direction of increasing the length of the belt.
Tighten the mount. Put the beltfirst on the motor pulley and only after that - on a drum. If the design of your machine does not provide for tensioning of the drive belt, you must replace it with a new one.
Take the new belt drive. It is important that new strap is fully consistent with the model of your washing machine. To verify this, carefully study the label of the old belt. The first four numerals marking indicates the length of the belt. The next letter indicates the shape of the tracks. The last digit of the marking indicates the number of tracks. All symbols marking the old and the new belt must be the same.
Tie new belt small strong thread.
Miss strap across the top. Put the belt on the engine with one hand. The second hand should pull the belt up over the tied thread, not allowing him to come off with a pulley.
Place the washer in original position.
Hook the edge of the belt in the pulley drum. Very carefully, but with force, rotating the drum in a clockwise direction, attach the entire belt.
Check the quality of their work. Rotate the drum. The absence of distortions and the ambient noise when the drum rotates, indicates the correct installation of the belt.
Collect the washing machine.
With failure of the drive belt can damage the sensors and electrical wires and other items located at the rear of the washing machine. In the process of replacing the belt, it is desirable to diagnose and, if necessary, to eliminate these faults.

Advice 2: How to remove a pulley of a washing machine

Agree that sometimes appliances break at the most inopportune moment: for example, urgently need to wash, turned on the washing machine, and she suddenly started unusual for this Assembly to publish sounds (crackles, obracania). Do washing machine has outlived its life? Don't panic. Perhaps enough to replace a few parts and the unit is healthy again. However, to become a home-repair of washing machines, you at least need to know how to remove the pulley.
How to remove a pulley of a washing machine
You will need
  • - wrench;
  • - a pulley;
  • - Ten;
  • - drive belt.
If the reason for the faulty washing machine – a burnt-out motor, to correct the engine failure you may need to replace the brushes, and tachometer pulley. To do this, remove the front or rear cover of the washing machine (the fact that each model has its own characteristics, so in some models you will need to remove the front panel and other rear). Then remove the drive belt and disconnect the motor from the terminal block. Then remove the motor and inspect it carefully for damage one of its main elements.
If on the washing machine burned out the heater or broken pulley, this problem too can be removed at home. Depending on the model washing machine heater can be placed in the area of its front side, or can be placed on the back side of the unit. In view of this, remove the rear or front panel of the washing machine, then carefully Unscrew the spring suspension of the tank washing machine and remove the drive belt. Then, using a wrench Unscrew the nut that holds the pulleyin place, remove it and Sam pulley. To remove the heater, first remove the wire from its terminals, then a special key to loosen the fixing element and remove the heating element, replacing it with a new one. Assembly of a washing machine run in reverse order.
The ability to remove the pulley you will need when you will need to perform the belt replacement. To replace the belt, remove the lid washing machinethat provides access to that element. Then remove the old belt, clean the pulley from its remains, and also check the integrity of the workpiece. If necessary, perform replacement (Unscrew the nut that secures the pulley, remove the item and in its place put a new one). After that, install the new drive belt. Its starting to wear with the pulley.
The pulley is removed and other repair work need only after make sure that the washing machine is unplugged from the network.
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You can always count on the expert help of master repairmen who will quickly fix any problems.
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