You will need
  • - RestDisk;
  • - Mount'n'Drive.
To restore the boot sectors local disk required to use the app Test Disk. This program is free, but it has already received a lot of positive reviews. Download and install the specified application.
Remember that incorrect use of the program Test Disk may lead to formatting the hard disk or a partition. If you really need some information that resides on the hard drive, restore it using the app Mount''n Drive.
Install this software. Run it and wait until it has finished the definition of the available local drives. Highlight, right-click the section that you can't open. Go to "Mount drive".
In the next dialog box menu, select any letter of the disk. Wait until the new device will be determined by the system. Now you can freely copy information from the desired section.
Save all important files to another local drive or external drive. Close Mount''n Drive and get to the recovery partition.
Run The Test Disk. Select the physical disk on which is located the damaged section. Click the Analyze button. Press the Enter key after the appearance of the list of available sections. If the target volume is not detected, click Search again and press Enter.
Wait until the program will detect the partition with the bad sectors. Select it and press the Write button. In the new menu go to Advanced and move the cursor to the field Boot. Press the Enter key.
Confirm to start the process of overwriting the boot sector of the partition. The program will copy the necessary files from a backup stored on disk. Close the program and restart the computer after performing the described operations.