Screenshots allow you to demonstrate the working of some programs, serve as illustrations to the article, the book for the author. Sometimes the screen asking for the software producers.
To relieve and save the screenshot there are many programs, but it's easier and faster just to do it in Windows. To do this, simply press Print Screen on your keyboard its name is abbreviated to PrtSc SycRq. Usually she is in the top row, next to F12 key.
After you press PrtSc SycRq, the screenshot is saved to the clipboard. To save him from the need to open any graphical editor. It is more convenient to use the built-in Windows – MS Paint. Click "start" – All programs – Accessories – MS Paint. The program on your C: drive WINDOWSsystem32mspaint.exe.
Next, select menu "edit" – "Paste". Or press Ctrl+V. the program window, the image will appear on your screen that you now need to save in some format.
Select menu "File" – "Save as". Opens a dialog box "Save as". Default Paint save the file in the folder "My pictures" in "My documents". You can choose any folder to save. Decide the format in which to save the image.
If you don't care what image will be the size, save format 24-bit pattern .bmp/.dib. In this case, the picture quality will be better, but the weight is greatest. When the screen resolution is 1024x768, a picture will weigh about 2.25 MB.
If you want the picture "weighed" minimum, save it in the format .jpg or .gif. Also have the option to reduce the file size with WinRAR, the compression method maximum.
The screen shot you can paste in MS Word, pressing Ctrl+V or click the right mouse button and select "Paste".