Temporary files are saved in the Temp folder. Usually they can be recognized by the extension .tmp. After the completion of the programs, they are not always removed, and therefore begin to accumulate on the hard disk. Temporary files are also created when working on the Internet. This information speeds up the launch of frequently used web pages is convenient, but only if the computer has one user). With the active use of the computer for a long time the free space on the hard drive is getting smaller. Therefore, periodically clean the computer disks from temporary files.
To remove unnecessary files you can use operating system tools. If you are using Windows, click "start" – "Programs" – "Accessories" – "system tools" – "disk Cleanup". Select the C drive. the Program will appreciate the amount of space occupied by unnecessary files. Check the boxes next to "Temporary Internetfiles", "Temporary files", "Temporary files WebClient", "Compress old files", "recycle Bin" and click OK. The contents of these folders you delete without harm to themselves.
To manually clear the Temporary Internet Files folder and Temp folder C:Documents and Settings. In folders of different accounts go into Local Settings, where are the Temp folders and Temporary Internet Files. Files of them can be removed, as well as the files of History. In the folder Temporary Internet Files are files Cookies. They don't always need to remove, as they help you keep your usernames, passwords for quick entry on the web page. In the directory C:Windows there is another Temp folder, if you want peel it.
There is also special software for cleaning the computer from unnecessary files, for example, the program Ccleaner. By running this program, check the boxes next to the types of files you wish to delete and click 'Clean'.