You will need
    • mushrooms;
    • vegetable oil;
    • flour;
    • bow;
    • pan;
    • knife;
    • cutting Board;
    • the cotton fabric.
Wash the mushrooms, even if you bought them in the store. Frozen mushrooms can give a little bit to thaw, soaking them for ten minutes in cold water. Pat the mushrooms with a cloth to remove excess water. You can put them in a colander and let the water drain out.
Chop the mushrooms slices or circles. You can pre-separate the cap from the legs. But the food still go both parts of the fungus, so you have the opportunity to get creative and slice them, for example, in the form of small flat mushrooms. A delicious and beautiful garnish for the festive dish.
Fry the mushrooms in two ways. Some Housewives much heat up the pan, filling it with sunflower oil and put in mushrooms. But it is possible to first evaporate the remaining water. To do this, place the mushrooms on a lightly heated pan without any oil.
Wait until most of the water evaporates. You will see it on the mushrooms. The mushrooms will begin to take on a toasted look. Add a little vegetable oil and flour at the rate of 1 tbsp per 1 kg of mushrooms.
Fresh mushrooms fry for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. A couple of minutes before the end of the process salt them. Frozen mushrooms should be fried a little longer, up to 25 minutes. Watch carefully so they don't burn.