Advice 1: What seasoning is best added when frying the mushrooms

Grilled mushrooms can be served as a separate dish and as a garnish. During the preparation of forest wealth, as a rule, using the minimum amount of spices and seasonings. This is due to the lack of the need to enhance the flavor and palatability of the product. Any mushrooms initially have an original flavor, which with the wrong selection of additional ingredients can be smothered.
Fried mushrooms

What better to fry the mushrooms

While cooking, most varieties of fungi liberally juice. Condiments and spices are best added immediately, but after a few minutes after the start of the cooking process. As a complement, as a rule, are used different types of greens, onions, parsley and dill. The mushrooms are perfect as fresh leaves and shoots, and dried versions of the spices. Lovers of spicy food often experimenting with garlic.

Onions when frying mushrooms you can use in any form. Shredded green feathers to enhance the flavor, and the onions will turn an ordinary fried mushroom in rich sauce. As greens to complement the fried mushrooms, you can use the oregano. This herbal spice will not spoil the dish and slightly change a familiar scent.

To ensure that the mushrooms were more tender and juicy, it is recommended that during roasting, add to the contents of the pan a few spoonfuls of sour cream or cream. To vary the dish by using dried mixtures of vegetables.

Seasoning for mushrooms

For frying mushrooms fit almost any ready-made spice. The main condition in this case is the correct selection number. Black pepper or paprika, for example, can not only kill a mushroom aroma and taste, but largely spoil the dish. A similar effect can create a nutmeg spice, cloves, chili pepper and allspice. For frying mushrooms of any variety best suited white pepper, has a more delicate flavor.

To enhance the taste properties of mushrooms you can use a small secret. While cooking, add a little mushroom seasonings, which can be easily found in any grocery store. In this case, suitable even ordinary mushroom broth for soups.

When selecting seasonings for frying mushrooms, it is important not to change, and to emphasize the flavor of the main ingredient. Many Housewives, for example, make it with a small amount of Bay leaf. Spicy flavor of the mushrooms adds lemon juice. Add this component to better myself at the end of cooking.

An original addition to the mushrooms is to dry the fenugreek. This herb is often called the "mushroom" because of its specific odor, reminiscent of fresh mushrooms. This seasoning also improves the taste of fried mushrooms.

When selecting seasonings for frying mushrooms should, first and foremost, pay attention to the way the use of ready-made meals. If the fried mushrooms would be a salad ingredient, their taste can be enhanced with onions, garlic and pepper. For a great side dish better suited herbal spices. If the fried mushrooms would be used for soups, you can add in the process of cooking oregano or Basil.

Advice 2: How to fry mushrooms

Probably no more universal and international mushroom than Agaricus. Moreover, if the traditions of Russian cuisine it has not the first place that cooking is the main component of many mushroom dishes.
How to fry mushrooms
You will need
    • for 4 servings:
    • mushrooms – 1.5 kg;
    • vegetable oil – 4 tbsp;
    • sour cream – 250 g;
    • flour – 1 tbsp;
    • salt.
Prepare the mushrooms. If you use fresh mushrooms, let them soak for a few minutes in cold water to easily remove any dirt, then rinse under running water and place on towel. Let them dry out. Gently separate the cap from the legs. Hats cut into slices, shred the leg circles. If you use frozen mushrooms, no additional training is required. But buying mushrooms for cooking, buy already sliced mushrooms. Otherwise you have to spend time on cutting them after cooking, because to defrost mushrooms is impossible.
In a deep frying pan heat the vegetable oil and gently place the mushrooms. These mushrooms contain a sufficiently large amount of water, and the frozen semi-finished – and even more so the first 15 minutes you will be engaged in banal evaporation of water.
Immediately determine the degree of prozirnost mushroom treats. Champignon – grateful mushroom that can be eaten raw, therefore preparing it quickly enough. If you like everything fried and crispy, then after the first 15 minutes of cooking you add salt the mushrooms to taste and serve them up with potato croquettes and a side salad. If you like to feel the texture and softness – add to lightly fried mushrooms sauce.
Add almost all the cream to the frying mushrooms, leave just a couple of tablespoons. To them add the flour, half a Cup of water and mix thoroughly. Then a thin stream pour into the pan with mushrooms and stir to avoid lumps. Let it cook gently for another 5 minutes. Add salt and set aside.
Serve with mashed potatoes, boiled beans, or as a separate dish. The choice is yours!
Useful advice
The mushrooms in this recipe can be substituted with oyster mushrooms.
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