You will need
    • mushrooms - 500 g;
    • sour cream - 3 tbsp;
    • onion medium size - 1 piece;
    • lemon - 1 clove;
    • salt;
    • black pepper.
For the preparation of frozen mushrooms is not necessary to wait, when they will be unfrozen or melt. The form of slicing may be any, it does not matter, there will be mushrooms cut into strips or cubes, maybe just in half. Onions can also be cut on your own - half rings or small cubes.
The pan should be preheated by pouring a little vegetable or olive oil, to let the mushrooms and onions. From time to time they need to stir, maintaining the average temperature of combustion. In the process of cooking frozen mushrooms begin to melt, releasing water and juice. For this reason, a lot of vegetable oil is not necessary, the mushrooms are fried in their own juice.
The cooking time of frozen mushrooms for about 15 minutes. You can cover the pan with a lid and allow to stew on a slow fire. During this time, fry the onion becomes soft, and mushrooms. Before turning off the heat and remove the dish from the stove, you need to add sour cream, salt, pepper - to taste lemon wedge to separate from the skin and finely chop, add to the mushrooms. The lemon adds a nice acidity, pepper - spice and the sour cream softens the taste. In the end, the mushrooms turn out very flavorful.
Mushrooms stir-fried for another 2 minutes and remove from heat. Serve hot or cold as a snack.