Laptop users noticed that the touchpad significantly increases the time spent on the job. Do not forget that the touchpad has the lowest resolution. As a rule, if necessary, using any graphic editor can be some difficulties. Also problems with the touch panel can occur when typing, so as a fairly light touch of your finger to the cursor has moved to another part of the screen. Consequently, it is necessary to disable the touch mouse.
Look on the desktop shortcut "My computer". In his absence, open the quick access toolbar, which is located at the bottom of the screen and find the tab "Computer".
Just right click on shortcut "My computer". Select from the list the option "Manage".
After performing these actions should open the computer management window. Open the tab "utilities". In the appeared list find the option "device Manager". Then in the right window will appear the dashboard.
Open your account by double clicking the left mouse button the corresponding icon with the name. Locate and open the tab "Mouse and other pointing devices". In the list that appears, click on "Port Touchpad". After performing these actions should open a window where you can modify the properties of the touchpad. To deactivate the device you have to press a function "Disable". If necessary, you can update or remove the driver. It should be noted that at any time the touchpad can be re-activated. To do this in the properties of the touch panel to select "enable". If this option is not available, it needs to roll back. This will restore the previously installed driver.