You will need
  • The laptop is the mouse.
Wireless mouse works via a special USB transmitter which transmits the manipulation of the product on the computer. To connect a wireless mouse to your laptop, you need to perform a number of actions, the first of which is to install the necessary programs on the computer.
Installation software for the mouse. Take a disk with drivers, which should come bundled with a mouse and insert it into the drive. If the laptop is not provided for automatic startup disk, go to "My computer" and double-click on the icon of the drive. In the opened window, select "Install" (install). Without changing any parameters of the installation, wait for installation to laptop drivers.
After the mouse driver will be installed, insert the loose in the laptop USB connector the transmitter. Wait until the laptop screen displays a notification that a new device is installed and ready for further work.
As soon as the notification appears on the screen, you can start working with the mouse. Don't forget to turn the unit on by turning on the switch at the bottom of the mouse in the "ON" position. Using a wireless mouse, do not forget about the limited life of her battery.