Decide where you want to spend time. This largely depends on the number of guests invited. A small group of people can just bring in a cafe, while for many companies should think about renting a separate room.
Find out what entertainment companies Ufa offer discounts for birthdays. Among them there are cinemas, for example, in "homeland," in which the birthday can get a free ticket to any session. Discounts are provided by and various restaurants in the city, such as "Metropolis" and "Coffee Time". And the cost of ordering is reduced not only for the birthday child but for all its guests. But if you want to celebrate at home, you can buy a cake at 15% cheaper than in cooking "Mocha". Selecting any of these options, you will be able to save on the holiday.
In the summer you can organize a holiday in the nature. For this you can rent a cottage in the suburb of Ufa and to organize a celebration for your taste. Some of the best recreation areas are located on the banks of the rivers Belaya and Ufa outside of the city.
If you have no time to organize yourself, you can contact the Agency holidays. It is also suitable for large events, for example anniversaries with a large number of guests. The organizer of the celebration it is best to seek the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, or to explore the local Ufimskiy forums for opinions about individual professionals The cost of services of the organizers would depend on what kind of holiday you want to have. Only the creation of the scenario of anniversary you will cost at least fifteen hundred rubles.
Organize your child's birthday in one of the special recreational centres. Often such sites are located in shopping centers, for example, it is in the shopping center "Megapolis". There you can not only organize the kids ' table. but also various entertainment programs with participation of professional animators.