Visit with the kids puppet Theater. It will take some time, and your older kids will be interested to watch a puppet acting. Don't miss your chance to show your kids their favorite stories performed by actors of Theatre of dolls. Besides, the prices for the event do not bite. The ticket price usually does not exceed 200 rubles.
Enjoy music with your child. In the Bashkir State Philharmonic musicians play at times, especially for children. Special programs for adults and children, "listen to Music together" will help to accustom to the cultural pastime of your child from an early age. Tickets cost 300 rubles.
To go with the kids to the cinema. In Ufa are constantly showing the latest trends from the world of cinema, including those designed for children. The cartoons can be viewed in the cinema "Rodina", "Metropolis", "World". Also films for children and adults are on display in "the Victory" "Sinema Park" and "Planet cinema".
View performances in the National youth theatre. Karim. Here are the performances that will be equally interesting to both adults and children. Tickets to the youth theatre cost about 100-150 rubles.
Spend a fun time in the children's entertainment center. Children's clubs "Aquarium" (CTI "Space") and "Bungalow" (Tstir "the World") are expecting young visitors. Here your children can expect labyrinths, deep tunnels, a ball pool. In the children's clubs you can celebrate the birthday of their child. The cost of holding children's parties is at 1600 – 2800 rubles. From other children's entertainment complexes of Ufa it should be noted "cosmic" (St. Zaki Validi, 2), ".", "Balteks" "Sportlend". The town also has a children's playroom "Play day" (October PR., 34) and the swing set "Wonderland" (St. Verkhnetorgovuyu, 1).