You will need
  • - set window;
  • - screwdrivers;
  • keys;
  • - silicone spray;
  • - wires.
Connect button power window involves primarily the installation of the automatic movement. Remove the casing inner side of the door, and then from the kit window, pick the appropriate gear and put it on its proper axis.
Then put on top of this detail external corresponding size gear.
Install the third gear (the kit is three parts), which comes complete with a motor, the second and third gears have to be touching. Then put the snap ring.
To fix the motor and the third gear, use the spacers supplied. To do this, first re-install the motor (you can move discretely, guiding one of the four sides, only remove one of four screws).
All places of contact of the glass with guide handle with silicone spray.
Out of every door route into the cabin via the two wires, then take a set of wires from the tens. This kit consists of a wiring harness on one side and chips block fuse, and two contacts on the window motor with the other hand.
Connect the wires that you brought to the salon with the wires from the harness. Then connect the power: best power to conduct a separate wire from the vehicle battery through a fuse.
Then do insert button of the window. Install button in the console the handbrake and ashtray niche.
And finally, check the automatic window.