Advice 1: How to get online with the iphone

Perhaps, among the owners of iPhone few of those who do not go out with him in the Internet, because this gadget just made for surfing the web. However, after purchase, you may find that to access the Internet you need to complete the setup of the iPhone. To make it easy.
How to get online with the iphone
First, open "Settings", select "General" then "Network" and enter operator details in section "Cellular data network". To subscribers of "Beeline" should be entered in the APN field value and in the field Login and Pass to enter the word beeline. The subscribers of "MTS" you only have to fill in the APN field inscribed in it Well, if you use the services of "MegaFon", enter internet in the APN field, and in the fields Login and Pass enter McAfee.
Restart iPhone that the phone was re-registered in the network. You can now open the browser. By default, it is located on the first (main) screen is a blue icon of a compass with the signature Safari. Hit it and after starting the browser, enter in the address bar, the website address that you would like to visit. Stretch the page on the screen with your fingers to zoom in. To move up the page, touch the top of the screen.
As an alternative browser you can use the popular app is Opera mini, which can be downloaded free in the AppStore, the icon which appears by default on the main screen. Opera mini works a little faster than Safari, but does not support Multitouch. To increase page "tap" the screen with your finger twice. Re-action will return the page to its original form.
Useful advice
If you are in range of a wireless network, when you try to connect to the Internet, the iPhone will notify you of available Wi-Fi network and offer to connect. Agree! So you will save money on their mobile account.

Advice 2: Disabling Internet on iPhone

With data turned on on the iPhone, there is a risk to pay extra money, because some applications go online on their own schedule and updated from time to time. If you are faced with this problem, the 3G Internet can be disabled.
Disabling Internet on iPhone

Mobile data (cellular data/mobile data) and have mobile Internet on your iPhone. If disabled, it will not happen to survey the Internet and use applications that need Internet connection. Apps like email or calendar, even when off the Internet may provide some functionality, but for their complete operation of mobile data is needed.

It is worth noting that disabling cellular data on the IPhone doesn't mean that you won't be able to come up with a device to the Internet. There is still Wi-Fi, and mobile data you can always turn it back on.

3G is the speed of your mobile Internet. If you have an iPhone there is a possibility, then just disable 3G back to 2G. Off the 3G in this case helps to extend the battery life, thus you can continue to use GRPS and EDGE (slower Internet standards).

The data roaming (data roaming/data roaming) is the use of mobile Internet abroad. Sometimes the operator takes a lot of money for the use of mobile Internet, so when abroad it makes sense to turn off iPhone data roaming.

Now let's look at how to disable the iPhone to the Internet - be it mobile data or 3G data roaming. For example, take iOS 6, other versions of the settings are slightly different, but not so much that it was impossible to navigate.

First go to your phone's settings, select the "Main/General", then "Network/Network". Use the slider to disable 3G or cellular data. This menu item is disabled and data roaming. If you want to return the Internet to your IPhone, then just take the opposite effect by scrolling the slider to enable the required functions.

You can scroll through this menu below, there you will see a set of settings to limit the transmission of cell data from different applications. Certain applications issue warning messages that their use of mobile Internet can get expensive, but before you start, not all applications and notify!

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