First, open "Settings", select "General" then "Network" and enter operator details in section "Cellular data network". To subscribers of "Beeline" should be entered in the APN field value and in the field Login and Pass to enter the word beeline. The subscribers of "MTS" you only have to fill in the APN field inscribed in it Well, if you use the services of "MegaFon", enter internet in the APN field, and in the fields Login and Pass enter McAfee.
Restart iPhone that the phone was re-registered in the network. You can now open the browser. By default, it is located on the first (main) screen is a blue icon of a compass with the signature Safari. Hit it and after starting the browser, enter in the address bar, the website address that you would like to visit. Stretch the page on the screen with your fingers to zoom in. To move up the page, touch the top of the screen.
As an alternative browser you can use the popular app is Opera mini, which can be downloaded free in the AppStore, the icon which appears by default on the main screen. Opera mini works a little faster than Safari, but does not support Multitouch. To increase page "tap" the screen with your finger twice. Re-action will return the page to its original form.