Why disable the Internet in the iPhone? Many owners of this device are faced with the uncontrolled release your pet into the network. This can occur while using different programs (weather servers, mail, GPS) with which to retrieve the data you need to go to the world wide web.
Almost all the programs installed on an iPhone are constantly searching for and download updates from the Internet. In addition to running programs constantly loading new ads. All this leads to loss of energy (no batteries) and money.
Some parents encourage a loving relationship with their children to modern devices. So the iPhone may be in the hands of the younger members of the family. To avoid unpleasant consequences, always turn off the Internet on an iPhone when giving it to children.
To turn off the Internet, go to Options/Settings, find "General"/General", then select "Network"/Network. Turn off "Mobile data/Cellular Data by pressing the power button. To connect back to the Internetand click again.
Don't forget that your iPhone can connect to a Wi-Fi network, which, even when free, does not negate the cost of purchasing various programs and games. To disable Wi-Fi go to "Settings"/Settings "General"/ "General", "Network"/Network. Next to Wi-Fi press the power button. Press again to return to the Wi-Fi network.
To change settings onlinebut you can in "Settings"/Settings "General"/ "General", "Network"/Network "Cellular data network"/Cellular Data Network . If at all you can delete all or some settings, then Internet connect will not. It is sufficient to add one extra character, for example, in the string APN, and access to the network will become impossible. The complexity of this method is the need to remember the changes.