To access the Internet via Wi-Fi you can use the appropriate settings menu item. In this case additional manipulation on the configuration of the phone you produce not have to. To complete the connection, go to "Settings" - Wi-Fi. Move the slider right to activate the data transfer. Among the list proposed at the bottom of the screen, select the access point name that you want to use for the connection. If necessary, enter the required password. After you select a few seconds will be connected and you will be able to use the Internet.


To connect to the network by wireless communication through the access point 3G mobile operator you will need to enter additional settings. If you are using iOS version 6, configuration settings, go to "Settings" - "General" - "Cellular data" - "Cellular data network".
For devices iPhone 4s with iOS 7 the 3G is in "Settings" - "Cellular" - "Cellular data network".

In the corresponding lines of the proposed options, enter the options you want. Under APN, enter the address of the access point, and enter the user name and password for the connection (if required). The appropriate settings you can find on the official website of your operator. You can also call the support service provider of mobile communication, to clarify the necessary parameters. For Beeline as APN, you need to specify home.beeline.ru or internet.beeline.ru. In the field "username" and "Password" enter beeline. To configure the Internet through a "Megaphone", just write the value of the internet in the APN field. To access via the "MTS" enter internet.mts.ru as APN. Username and password for the operator must be specified as mts.
To solve the problem you can also contact the helpdesk of your mobile operator.

After making settings go to previous menu and switch the slider to "Cellular data" is turned to the on position. If the settings were done correctly, on the top of the smartphone screen will appear the icon for EDGE or 3G. To access the Internet, use a browser which can be accessed via the corresponding icon on the screen. If you connect to the network fails, restart your phone and verify your information again.