You will need
  • - certificate of complete secondary education;
  • - diploma of bachelor or specialist;
  • - 6 photos;
  • - the certificate on use results;
  • - passport;
  • - documents proving the state benefits for income.
Select the specialty you would like to receive training at the higher school of Economics (HSE). It can be not only economic theory but also in applied mathematics, political science, sociology, philosophy, history, or regional studies. Despite the wide range of specialties, most of them have an economic or political bias in the program.
Decide which level of training you want to do. After graduating from high school, you may qualify for study at the undergraduate level, but if you have already received the appropriate education level of bachelor or specialist, you will be able to go to graduate school.
Turn in the exam, if you are going to enroll in the undergraduate program. The list of required exams depending on the specialty you can find on the official website of the HSE - The data is placed in the section for applicants. Will receive at the end of the exam the highest score possible, because within the HSE there are more stringent requirements for the admission of documents than in other universities. For example, for admission to the history Department you will need to score at least 60 points in a profile subject.
Participate in the school Olympiads, if you have the student's secondary institution. If you will be the winner of one of competitions, the results of which adopts the HSE, you will be able to come back out of the competition or to gain an advantage in the examination scores.
Submit the documents to the admissions office HSE. The applicants do not need to present the results of the exam - they will replace the diploma of higher education, as well as diplomas and certificates of participation in student competitions and conferences. Also with future students may be conducted an additional interview.
Find out the results of the selection Committee. They usually become known in August and are placed in the University and on its official website.