The menu bar should match the concept of the place and the drinks that will be served. Cheap beer in the pub focus on budget meals and sausages, at status the cocktail bar extend the offer of fish dishes and vegetables, and the Irish pub will include a menu of steaks and grilled dishes.
Don't make the menu too extensive. 50-60 items – the maximum volume for a bar-restaurant with good food. The most convenient way of design – a fine book with laminated pages. The paper version will quickly come into disrepair, and luxurious leather folder in the bar look too pathetic.
Opens a menu list of signature dishes or drinks. Followed by cold appetizers and salads, hot appetizers, soups, hot dishes of meat and fish, side dishes and desserts. At the end of the post non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and cigars. A separate wine list at the bar is usually not printed.
Choosing snacks that give preference to affordable home options. Instead of prepared crackers or nuts offer garlic croutons homemade, cheese croquettes, potato straw and other dishes with a minimum cost and a good profit. Do not skimp on the portions – the more snacks, the more drinks you order guest. Well, after the drinks he'll get hungry and be forced to buy a hot meal.
Include in the menu dishes of different price categories without leaving the framework of the concept. It is not necessary to amend the list of dishes of cheap beer bars , delicious fish or game. Replace it with white fish tempura and chicken. In an expensive institution doesn't serve sausages supermarketnyh level, include in menu, homemade sausages from the smokehouse.
Most guests prefer meat bars. However, don't forget about the vegetarians, dieters, coffee and desserts. Develop a number of hearty vegetable dishes: stews, grilled vegetables, signature chips and salads. In section of desserts include ice cream, two to three meals of fruit and chocolate. Section of coffee and tea should include four or five of the most popular items.
Decide whether you will offer a special lunch menu. It can be printed on a separate sheet attached to the main menu during daylight hours only. A business lunch usually includes three dishes, one or two of soup, the desire for a drink or dessert. The dining menu needs to be updated every two to three months.