Legal form

Before you can open your own pub, you need to carefully examine legislation regulating retail trade in alcoholic beverages. The law defines who can sell beer. For example, to sell any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in the medical and educational institutions, transport facilities, at bus stops, markets and railway stations.

Be mindful what to choose for business organizational-legal form. OOO is the best option, as the organization a simplified system of taxation. This allows you to save on taxes on the income and assets of the company and VAT.

In the preparation of documents necessary to consider the requirements of the bar. The area should be at least 180 square meters. Bar should not be placed in a residential home. Most likely, in the room to do the repair. After registration of all documents necessary to purchase equipment such as microwave ovens, stoves, counter, cupboards, furniture for halls, cash register, showcase, refrigerator, coffee machine, generator, and ice crusher, a module for installing beer taps, shakers, glassware and bar accessories.

In addition to the guaranteed quality of beer should be taken seriously main menu bar. It can consist of a variety of beer snacks, such as toast, meats, etc., but also contain a full meal.

Business registration

To start the paperwork with the registration of the limited liability company. It will cost from 1000 to 5000 rubles. The price depends on whether you used a legal firm helpers.

You must also obtain a certification and a license to trade in alcoholic drinks. The price of a license for a period of five years will cost about 40 000. You then need to enter into a lease or purchase/sale of the premises, which will be a bar. Renting a room will cost approximately 80 000 rubles.

Need to register the cash register and to sign a contract for his services, and then to the SES and fire organization permission to open a bar in this room. Very important to conclude an agreement on the implementation of a systematic cleaning of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems.

And, finally, to be eligible at the beginning of the bar should state the resolution of the CPS.