You will need
  • the premise, concept, business plan, design project, equipment, furniture, staff
Choose a room near the sushibar. Be sure to calculate whether you have enough past it runs and drives potential clients. The fact that the sushibaryou work at 80 percent due to guests who are spontaneous visits, and only 20 – by visitors who planned the visit to you. Well, if next to the selected room is a University or other educational institution. Young people up to 25 years very often visits places of public catering.
Get the conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspections for compliance with the space requirements of the catering. Carefully work revealed shortcomings. To the next visit of inspection bodies you should be fine. While solving any discrepancies, develop a concept. It should find display the relationship between the name of a sushibarbut its design, menu, staff, catering and advertising. This document is required, it will be the technical specifications for start-up.
Make a business plan. Before, when the liquid property was different, the business plan was prepared before, not after the decision on the choice of the room. Today in major cities very few suitable places, but still located in neighborhoods with heavy traffic where you can open a small sushibar. So the question of renting has become the primary.
Proceed to the organization of technical design, installation of utilities, the purchase and placement of the process equipment. If you decide to limit the assortment of sushi and rolls, a large kitchen, you do not need. If you have any ideas to serve salads, hot dishes and desserts, will have to allocate under it and the outbuildings are at least 25-30 sq. m. By the way, room a sushibarand maybe about the same area.
Execute the design in accordance with the developed concept. Traditionally this can be a Japanese twist. Preferably the implementation of architectural works in parallel with recruitment and menu development. In order not to waste time, this approach is entirely appropriate.
Invite a qualified chef. Even if he will not have to work on a permanent basis, but only to create the menu, take his quarterly update and training of line cooks. Most importantly, the candidate should have experience in a good "landmark" establishments, a kitchen which you, as the owner of the sushibarand would be satisfied. As you begin to design menu, you should take into account trends in the restaurant market. Self-respecting sushibar have to offer the entire line of classic sushi, rolls and sashimi, and baked sushi, sushi "spicy" and, if possible, the software and your chef.