You will need
  • - The range of dishes;
  • folder menu;
  • - inner pages.
Develop menus in accordance with the overall business plan of the institution. Do not make too many positions, such as "Talmud" has long since lost relevance. For affordable dining , we can recommend up to 10 items in each section to award up to 5-6. Consider how the call of food. Largely sales ability la carte depends on verbal description of the proposals. You can often find a bright florid and overloaded the names of the dishes. This is the wrong approach. It will not bring benefits, as will not bring the game of name that was popular 5-7 years ago. Try to give a brief description of the composition and preparation technology (for example, "Dorado Fillet with sweet pepper, baked in parchment").
Decide whether in the design menu use the legend café, concise statements of the chef on a particular dish, advice on pairing dishes with wines and strong alcoholic drinks. Also, think about how many pages are ready to allocate for special offers (dish of the day, business lunch, chef, etc., which normally precede the main data array).
Decide whether you want the folder in which you serve menu to guests, as well as about the way of replacement sheets. Such a need often occurs when interruptions in food supplies. Heavy solid respectable folders menu fit pretentious establishments with an average bill is much above average. Simple plastic folders-pockets" look it doesn't matter even in a cheap roadside cafe. The Golden mean is a stylish folder from a good cardboard with a unique print on the cover. Inner sheets can be inserted into special slots (or to do traditional the firmware). Remember that whatever folder la carte you choose, the folder for the account must be for her.
Order your execution in a professional design Studio. There you will see a choice of several fonts, which will typed the overall text. It's important to choose not only the font, style, color, size. If your dining semidarkness, a small font will complicate the perception of information, thus sales will be lower.