To make a menu for the celebration, you can use a chef's chef, which will host the festival, or on their own. Usually in the Banquet menu included the following dishes: cold and hot appetizers, salads, hot dish with garnish or without, dessert and drinks.
Cold appetizers can be presented in the form of pancakes with caviar, canapés of different ingredients, salt, pickled, smoked fish; meat, cheese, sausage; pickled mushrooms with onion and greens; a variety of rolls, pies, etc.
It is considered good practice if the Banquet served more than four kinds of salads. In addition, it is better to abandon the banal - "Olivier" and "under a fur coat" (or open them in a new design). There are so many original and delicious salad recipes.
As a hot perfect the following dishes: meat or fish steaks; poultry, fish, meat, grilled, pot roast, etc Hot you can submit as an independent dish and a side dish. The perfect complement to the meat will be roasted vegetables.
Dessert can be presented in the form of a cake (traditional), glazed fruits, pastries, cheese platter with grapes, Italian cookies, fruit tarts... All depends on the taste and preferences of your guests.
The final and extremely important stage in preparation of the Banquet menu are drinks, the choice of which should also be based on the preferences of the invitees. Of soft you can choose from: juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, tea, coffee, mineral water (must be in two types: aerated/not aerated at the rate of 1 bottle per person). Alcoholic beverages in each case are chosen separately, mostly vodka, tequila, brandy, whiskey, wine, champagne.