You will need
  • Computer, a color printer, some paints, paper, leather folder
Start with inventing ideas. Decorate menus are unusual colors, original images and inscriptions. Consider the nature and characteristics of the institution. The menu should complement and at the same time reflect the image of the restaurant. If your restaurant is dedicated to the national cuisine, feel free to use the national ornament. Try to develop a design that matches the style and spirit of the restaurant.

Will bring your idea to life. At this stage, you will certainly need a computer. In the future, with the help of computer you can easily and quickly make any changes to the menu.
Be sure to pay attention to various technical details. Choose format, font and font size, the menu is easy to read. To get the optimal spatial relationship between labels and gaps. Decide what color card menu. Color influences the perception of the text. Use easy to read and nice looking combination of colors. Keep in mind, it is easier to read black print on a white background than white on a black background.
Check the menu text for errors. Do not write in multiple languages. It would be difficult to read. However, if you are expecting visitors-aliens in print menu not only in the Russian language. For restaurants of the highest category it is recommended to use also English, French and German. Turn on the menu of your restaurant name and logo. Also specify the phone number, address and working time.

Calculate costs. They should correspond to the level of the restaurant. If the restaurant is first class, do not use expensive gold or silver paint. For color printing you need at least four colors. Special effects and additional images increase the required number of colors. In the restaurant of the highest quality menu should be printed on the best paper.

Print the menu on a color printer. Attach ready-made forms in a decorated folder. It will give your menu a presentable appearance.
Watch carefully that the menu was not dirty and soiled. If you decide to cover the forms of plastics regularly wipe them from stains. Replace wrinkled or dirty folder to the new one.