You will need
  • A non-metallic container, sponge, comb with a few teeth, brush for painting, tonic, shampoo, towel.
First, it is necessary to evaluate original hair color, only then can you choose the right shade of their proposed scheme. Basically the toner is selected according to the principle of one tone darker than your own color. That is, toners light ash shade will color brown hair. Original hue also depends on the pigment of the hair, whether the hair is painted earlier, or the colour applied for the first time. In any case, it is necessary first to dye one strand of hair before you start painting the entire head.
Carefully read the instructions on the application, you need to wear disposable gloves and get all the components for the coloring of the box with the tonic. Usually, in addition to the toning means includes mask deep action on the hair follicles, after-colour shampoo, gloves and instructions for use.
Then, dilute the necessary amount of the toner in a non-metallic bowl, thoroughly stir to a homogeneous consistence, to prepare a wide-toothed comb, a sponge or a brush for dyeing hair, hair clamps and a large towel, which will prevent the falling of drops of tonic in the dyeing process.
Hair should be slightly wet with water to become slightly damp, and comb. To hold the parts in the middle of the head and start shading from top to bottom with a brush. Painted strands must be separated from unpainted clips for hair. After one half of the head completely procrasinate, you need just to paint another part of the head. Then you need to comb your hair and whip toners on the head to obtain a foam.
The exposure time depends on the desired tonic and original color of hair. So gray hair turn faster than the dark, but on average it takes less than 30 minutes. After the set time tonic should be thoroughly washed with water. If you do not wash your hair to clear water, subsequently toned the hair can leave color on clothing and linen. The hair is well dried and blow-dried.
It is important to remember that the use of concealer is justified and on bleached hair. With the aid of a tonic removed unwanted yellow tint.