Effective way to get a man to chase you is the constant improvement of the skills of flirting and use it in appropriate situations. A woman needs to be able to "teach" themselves. Some women believe that everything you need is already in front of them and just wait when on the way to meet the man of their dreams. As a result, they only disappointed themselves and their lives. Fix this bug and work on yourself: noticing an attractive man, definitely try to give him some kind of sign (wink, smile, humble look, etc., and, if you go under any pretext themselves), so he wanted to meet and get to know you closer.
Currently, men are often already it is not enough that the woman was beautiful and sociable. They often pay attention to her inner world, then, how is it different from hundreds of other contenders for the role of the second half. In the fashion of a determined and purposeful girl, active in sports and lead a healthy life, love outdoor activities and know how to independently earn a living, have their own Hobbies and interests. The ability to "spin" in life will definitely help to get a man to chase you once it "gets online".
Even in the most strong and independent girl must be a large proportion of romance and ability to give a man love and care. If the gentleman cares for you, don't be capricious and callous: show him that you are fascinated by such attention. Float touching, hugging, light kisses and compliments. Man is himself enchanted by your attitude and will want to continue the relationship.
According to the psychology to get a man to chase a woman maybe a little mystery. Try not to tell everything about yourself and your life at the first meetings and Express "the most delicious" for later. When a man begins to think he knows about you already all that is possible, surprise him, demonstrating one of his abilities or telling about one of their Hobbies, life beliefs, etc. This will make him admire you more and will not allow to fade his interest to your person.
Get a man to chase you, keeping all the most important features of a real woman. Try not to be too jealous, not skandalte for no reason and don't be too strict with a man. Learn to be understanding, affectionate, reasonably funny and, of course, loving and loyal, always ready to support your man and help him in any case.