Firstly, you need combines vivid memories. For example, ride along on a roller coaster or go to a really spooky horror film, where you will be holding him and trembling all over. You will be much more attractive if you are experiencing together extreme situations. The extreme can be even the delivery of the joint report is simply superior. So get creative and find a way to be in an emotionally tense situation with a desirable man.
Second, help men emotional dependence on you. You need to learn some skills that were possessed of a geisha: to always be in a good mood and entertain partner for interesting conversation. Your always in a good mood to get a man to look up your community to positive emotions. To form the quality, begin every morning with gratitude the world at least five of any available benefits. Also exercise helps "Well", you need in any situation is to first tell yourself, "good," and then to think that it is so good. Force yourself to smile, it will help the mood changed for the better. To take a man with the conversation, you need to understand his enthusiasm, for this study the rules of your favorite games, read about hunting and chess.Don't forget to read classical literature and modern philosophers. This will allow you not to stop at a certain stage of development. The woman is smart, funny and informed cannot fail to cause men's desire to communicate with him.
Third, create a situation where the person you would be a hero, a Savior and significant person. He needs to feel important and respected in your community. Ask for simple services and are praised to the skies his real dignity in front of strangers. Tell me about all the positive qualities of his friends and family – and you get a support group in their face. The opinion of friends and family is extremely important to many men, especially the opinion of male friends. So you need to look great and be interesting not only any person.