To begin, try to throw all sorts of insults, claims, and ambitions and soberly assess the situation. If there has been a cooling in relations, then it is something you were not able to understand and missed. If you don't agree, and blame her husband, then in front of you, most likely, the looming specter of divorce, and you return the interest husband very briefly - as a legal entity. But to tear his hair, reveling in self-flagellation and self-blame is not worth it. Humiliated and filled with complexes of the woman is not interesting to anyone.
When you met your future husband and was very eager to marry him, you saw him as a desirable object, its appeal, uniqueness, the superiority to others. What happens now? You are still in love or were disappointed in its merits? Try to look at her husband eyes of a loving woman. Bring your focus back to him. Just do not think that attention involves only domestic services. Of course, this is important in the family, but you wish you looked as a woman.
Meeting my husband, enjoy his appearance, hug and say tender words. Even the most stale person in need of affection.
Don't reject your husband, if he wants to bond with you, something to tell, to share their feelings and thoughts. Even if you are very busy, stop and listen. Go meet him, learn to listen and understand. Beloved man should feel that if you are not, then his lack of communication.
Listen and delve in his deeds, try to understand what living your husband that he is interested and show a sincere interest in his Affairs. This does not mean that we should talk about what you don't understand, or pull her husband's tongue, demanding his report. If you do that, you'll be boring or become annoying. Just show interest, after all, your husband is really better than the rest!
Do not cling to her husband and not be pushy, especially do not try to control.
Stop thinking about sex with her husband as "duty" and "responsibilities" - way in this fun, get it yourself and giving husband.
Critically look at yourself from the outside: as you began to look in that dress, as painted (if painted at all), what your hair. You have become fatter and uglier? Wear the gown your grandmother's pre-revolutionary sneakers? On your head a bird's nest? Well, who could that possibly be interesting?! Change, at last find the advantages and emphasize them. Return a woman to be proud of and show people.
Forget about depression, diseases and problems. Don't drag my husband into the routine. Grey and boring days of my life with you turn away look of a man in the junk for you.
Take care of yourself. Bring to life your talents and dreams, take care love, which is interesting to you, which glisten your eyes and on the face appears bright and happy. When you're interesting to yourself, you will see a person to whom you is also interesting.