Starting position: sitting on a chair, back straight, head held straight. Open your mouth, roll the lower lip inside, arranging it on the bottom row of teeth. Index finger, pull the corners of the mouth to the molars and throw them inside the mouth. The upper lip should be held tightly to the teeth.
Place your index finger on the chin, thereby providing a slight resistance. Open and close the jaw in a slow, drawing movement, use when opening and closing the corners of the mouth. Imagine that you are so scoop up your favorite ice cream.
Extend the chin a centimeter each time, when making drawing movements. Do the exercise slowly and with concentration. Please note, as up, pulled the side of the face. Check properly whether you are making a drawing motion. They need to make with the corners of the mouth, not the jaw joints.
Do this drawing movement until, until you feel a slight burning and tingling in the line of the oval of the face. Tilt your head back so your chin staring at the ceiling. Keep the jaw still, knowing how to catch up the side of the face. Count to thirty. Take original position.
Throw inside the upper lip touching the upper gums. Lower lip also throw inside, but the lower teeth. Concentrate the energy in the middle of the lips. Using your index finger push up the muscle of the chin. Focus on the wrapping of the lips inward, not emissivite them. Hold this position, count to thirty. Then relax your muscles.
Perform these exercises 4-5 times a week, allot them 15 minutes a day. Some experts recommend doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the jaw twice a day, in order to prevent the sagging of facial contours. After a month of regular exercise you will notice that the jaw muscles are strengthened, the skin on the face is more toned and elastic.