To feed the Terriers need two times a day: in the morning and evening hours. Since birth of the puppy, the owner must determine the type of food: dry food or balanced meal for dogs.
Dry food is certainly convenient for busy owners who can't afford to waste time scheduling food and cooking for the animal. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of feed, but their selection must be consistent. So, if you are introduced into the diet food one brand, you shouldn't "disturb" it with others, if there is a need for change – be sure to do this gradually, at least for a couple weeks.
Note on seasonality of food, good manufacturers have a diet for the summer and winter, the composition of the feed differs fundamentally with the vitamins, fats and minerals, so you need time to switch from one to another.
The toy-Terriers, which are fed specially prepared food, you need to include in the diet of chicken or rabbit. There should be beef, which is best served in powdered form, but not in the form of meat. Meat must be feeding rate of 80 g per 1 kg of body weight of the pet.
Pork is too fatty for Terriers that can adversely affect the liver of the dog, it is better to exclude from the diet.
Speaking of meat, do not forget about fish. It should be served cooked, of course, cleaned from the bones, so that your pet does not choke. The ideal option would be fillet.
A not unimportant place in the diet of the Terriers take vegetables and fruits. Serve them to your pet it is best in its raw form, as this will strengthen the jaw and a natural way to cleanse the teeth from plaque. Do not give bell peppers and raw potatoes. The best option is carrot and Apple. Vegetables and fruit are served at the rate of 50 g at a mass of 1 kg. you can Also purchase bones and special toys to strengthen the jaw.
Will include dog food and cereal. At a mass of 1 kg only need 30 gr of cereals, which before cooking you need to soak for a few hours. Grits can be varied, from buckwheat to corn. Do not forget to alternate evenly, so that the ration is balanced.
You can also combine products. A little grain, carrots, potatoes, boiled in meat broth (can be beef or chicken), and you've got a great soup in which properly balanced the products.
Do not forget about dairy products such as kefir and ryazhenka. They must of 50 g per 1 kg of weight of the pet. By the way, an adult toy-Terriers milk should not be given, as it is impossible to give a chicken egg. Much-needed protein can be obtained from eggs of quail, only a couple of units a week.