Self-straightening teeth at home

Folk remedies that help to correct the bite in the home, today practically does not exist. In ancient times, conducted some experiments, but they produced no positive effects.

One of the famous ancient way of straightening teeth is slacking a thread. While at the patient's head was placed a saucer of water. But, as it later turned out, it was just a way of tricking wealthy people in order to enrich. Yes, and the method, I must say, quite wild because a lot of unpleasant pain. In any case, self-straightening of the teeth with objects of any kind can threaten the health of people with serious consequences.

Exercises for correcting the bite

Physical exercises for correction of malocclusion is the most reliable and safest way of teeth straightening. There is a set of exercises designed by dentists. It can be easily done at home. But to do the exercises regularly, not intermittently, only then they will give the maximum effect in the alignment of the teeth.

For children and adolescents whose jaw has not yet fully formed, this method will be most effective. Perform daily set of exercises for children should be monitored by their parents. To perform each exercise, 2-3 times a day.

1. Widely open mouth. Then, observing the rhythm, close your mouth and open short jerky movements.

2. The tip of the tongue touch the palate. In this position, slide the tongue back up until I can move it. After holding the language that is rhythmically close and open your mouth.

3. On the palm of any hand, place the chin, the elbow at this point should be on the table. Next, go to the alternate opening and closing of the mouth, but subject to one caveat: the movements should take part the head, and not the lower jaw.

The efficiency will be higher if exercises to perform, not 2-3, and five or six times a day. Every day you need to give the jaws the load, for example, to eat solid foods and vegetables. Hope that exercises for the correction of the bite will make the teeth perfectly even, stupid. They should be treated as a preventive measure, the performance of which is small.

If you decide to try this method of correcting the bite, it is still better to consult with your dentist. Sometimes people just forget to do the exercises daily. In this case, it can be useful to trainers - device for correcting the teeth. They can be purchased at any pharmacy or specialty store. They are ideal for correcting the bite at home.