This type of fat, unlike subcutaneous, is located in the space around the internal organs – pancreas, liver, and so on. On the one hand, it protects internal organs from harmful substances. On the other hand, this body fat makes tissues less sensitive to insulin, which can cause not only diabetes, but also lead to other diseases.
Start with bowel cleansing and liver. In the intestines accumulates harmful substances from the body and protects internal organs a layer of fat. Which method of cleansing you choose – you decide: enemas, pharmaceutical or special herbal teas. Colon cleansing not only helps to eliminate decay products, but also a positive impact on the condition of the skin. Purged, remember that abuse of such procedures is not necessary, since together with unnecessary substances from the body and washed out the beneficial microflora.
Drink plenty of fluids. Be sure to drink at least a liter and a half of pure non-carbonated water a day, don't think drinks on the water – tea or coffee - can replace her. This will provide additional removal of toxins from the body and will improve kidney health.
Relax, do not be nervous, avoid stress, sleep allotted number of hours. Overwork and excessive mental stress contribute to weight gain and accumulation of fats. When the body feels that his circumstances worsen, he delivers a signal to the brain to prepare for hard times, therefore, to stock up on extra fat, which can be used for energy in the "dark days".
Eat right. Balance the quantity and quality of consumed fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Fats are olive oil, egg yolk, avocado and nuts suitable for this purpose perfectly. Source of protein, promote metabolism, can be dairy products with reduced content of fat, legumes, lean meats. Carbohydrates better (and nicer) to get fresh fruit, berries and vegetables. Diets are too stressful for the body. Instead of starving yourself, make sure that the body receives a sufficient amount of healthy food in order to not feel "deprived".
Exercise. To fight visceral fat on a certain area of the body, for example, on the stomach, does not make sense – the fat goes when losing weight the body. Pick the program that's right for you at the moment, and over time can increase the load. During exercise the muscles are getting stronger, though at first, this can not be seen under a layer of fat. But when you lose weight, condition of muscles you will certainly be pleased. During exercise breathing properly. Oxygen facilitates proper functioning of body cells. The most well-known program, combining exercise and breathing – the body Flex.