Setting a goal to lose weight, doing sports, remember that irregular classes would not bring the desired result. If you are one to two times a week will lift weights or swing a press, you get only disappointment, and it will remain with your excess weight. Develop the scheme of studies which will fit in with your schedule, won't interfere with work, home and communication with family. To do need at least four to five times a week, for about an hour and a half. This pace will first be given with difficulty, but in two weeks you will cease to get tired and start to notice the first results of their work.
Join a gym or develop your own practice at home. Plus the gym is that there you will not only find a variety of equipment to work on different muscle groups, but will also get qualified advice from trainers. Under their supervision you will work harder. At home you're on your own there's no one to customized and made to go the extra mile. Therefore, choosing the second option, you will need motivation and willpower.
Turn in your lesson different types of loading. Remember that to lose weight, for example doing crunches, you will not succeed. Yes, you will strengthen muscles, but they will remain under a layer of fat. So you need to act in three areas: aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and stretching. Together they will help to lose weight, tighten body and to look great.
Aerobic workout is jump rope, running, dancing, aerobics, jumping. It should occupy a third of the workout. Muscle strengthening is to work with dumbbells and your own weight. Download abs, arms, back and feet through various exercises. Stretching will fix the result, relaxes muscles, helps to create the silhouette and to facilitate aerobic training in the fat burning. She needs to finish each lesson.
Hold halfway. A beautiful body is the result of long and hard work. After receiving some of the fruits of your labor, don't stop there. Remember that perfection has no limits. Your toned body will thank you with not only beauty but also health.