If you get the email, you can easily find out foreign ip address from which it was sent. To do this, you need to find the button "RFC-title" and click on it. Copy the information from the string "Received: from", navigate to add the form at the top corner of the copied data, click on the search button. As a result of the operations you will be able to see the ip address of another computer. Using the website is absolutely free.
To define a foreign ip address will help you to get a website It allows you to collect information about the visitors of your website, blog, forum or another page on the Internet. Resource offers several options to find out what the ip of the computer.
You can get the invisible code which will insert to your site or page. Generate and paste it in the place statistics gathering ip addresses.
To know the ip address of another computer, you can also create iploger special link, clicking on which the wanted man will leave a mark. Send it to the right person in the message. When the link will be opened in the statistics on the website you will see the ip, date and time of your visit. The biggest challenge is to get you to click the url. If you wanted a sign, it will not be easy. In the case of stranger, you must be interested.
It is easier to determine someone else's ip, if you get people to view your sent picture. To do this, pick up an interesting image that would be difficult to consider in a reduced form, copy its url, then generate a special link to the iploger and send it to the person whose ip you want to know.
If you have your own website or blog, to collect statistics about ip addresses simply if you install on every page created using the service widget.
Many users have ip addresses are not static, but dynamic, i.e. change with each new log on to the Internet. However so good that allows you to see the history of changes of ip addresses. If you have already found a foreign ip address, and then the user changed it, in the statistics on the website you will see a message such as " <== changed from".
If you own your own even a small website, you can ask the desired user to log in, and then look at the statistics to find out the ip address of another computer. There will also be information about the region of human habitation, the name of the ISP and some other data.