Situations in which you may need to specify the ip address of the remote computermay be quite a lot. In some cases, ip is very easy, some more difficult. Consider several options to determine the ip.The easiest option – specifies the ip address of a network resource by its domain name. For example, there is a kind Open a command prompt: start – All programs – accessories – Command prompt". Enter the command : ping Press Enter. A message will appear: "the Exchange of packages with" after this message – if the exchange is successful – will show ip address of the site.
Sometimes you need to know the ip address which is currently connected to your computer. For example, communication on ICQ and you want to check the ip of the source. In this case you can use the command "netstat". Again open a command prompt, type (without quotes): "netstat –aon" and press Enter. Displays a list of current connections for your PC, among them, will need the ip address.
The command "netstat –aon" is useful because in many cases allows to detect the presence of suspicious connections. For example, you can see that port 30327 currently connected from a certain ip address. This suggests that your computer is very likely there is a Trojan program. In that case, if the connection in the moment, the port of the computerused by the server part of a Trojan (present on your computer) will be able to wait for a connection – LISTENING. If you see open ports that is not used by ordinary for your computer software, be sure to find out what programs they offer.
The next version of the ip can be used in the case if you received a letter by email and you want to know the ip address of the sender. In this case, will the email program Outlook or The Bat! – with their help, you can view the email header, containing all the data of delivery. Find the header line "Received: from" statement immediately after it is listed the ip of the sender.