You will need
  • a syringe;
  • - ampoule with solution of magnesia;
  • - alcohol;
  • Wat.
Discuss with your doctor the possibility of injecting at home. There are a number of diseases in which intramuscular injections are strictly contraindicated, or needs monitoring after the introduction of magnesia. In the absence of obstacles the doctor will prescribe the dosage of the drug.
Pick suitable for injections syringes. The volume must correspond to the assigned dosage of magnesia, while the needle is to be of suitable length and diameter. If the needle is too short, there is a great chance to get into the fat layer, and if it is too long or wide, it is possible to injure tissue. Usually, intramuscular injections suitable needle length of about 4 cm and a diameter of approximately 0.7 mm.
Heat the solution of magnesia to body temperature or slightly above (for this you can use a glass of hot water) and type it into the syringe.
If you are not allergic to novocaine or lidocaine can add them to the solution of magnesia. It will ease the pain during the injection. Dosage should check with your doctor. If you've never used painkillers, you can do a diagnostic injection under medical supervision.
Mentally divide the buttock into 4 parts. The injection must be done at the top furthest from the Central axis of the body region. This minimizes the risk of the drug in fat tissue.
Wipe the skin with a piece of cotton soaked with alcohol, in place of the expected insertion of the needle. Sharply thrust the syringe into the selected region, then gradually push the drug. This should be done very slowly, for about two minutes. The longer you enter the medication, the less the possibility of complications.