You will need
  • syringe 10 ml;
  • Vata;
  • - alcohol;
  • - iodine;
  • - the novocaine.
Purchase at the pharmacy, magnesium sulfate (magnesium sulfate). The drug is sold in packs of ten ampoules ml. The solution is indicated in severe forms of hypertension, cases of poisoning by barium or lead, to facilitate the generative process, in epileptic seizures.
Take one ampoule of 10 ml or two 5 ml. This is enough to significantly reduce blood pressure. Special nail file, cut the upper part of the ampoule. Dial destinology solution in a syringe with a long needle. Mentally divide the buttock into four sectors. The extreme upper portion of the wipe with a cotton swab dipped in either alcohol solution. A quick motion insert the needle all the way into the buttock. Very slowly start to inject the drug. Then quickly remove the needle and press the injection site with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. Injection spray 1-2 times a day, depending on the severity of the disease.
Take a solution of sulphate of magnesia 25% concentration in an amount of 20 ml, if the pregnancy is complicated by nephropathy. At the first degree of the disease producing injections twice a day, with the second four. To avoid inflammation and redness, and tissue necrosis at the injection site, injection should be done only by professionals. If this is not possible, then take a syringe with a very long needle. Prior to injection of warm solution of magnesia in his hands. Enter the needle deep into the muscle and slowly inject the solution. When performing injections do not allow the infection. On tummy to avoid redness and hardening, apply to the injection site warm heating pad or draw on this area of iodine mesh.
Take an ampule of novocaine, when the prick gives strong pain. Cut off the upper part and fill the syringe 2-3 cubes of mortar. After injection is done, remove the syringe, leaving the needle in the buttocks. Type in a solution of magnesia and reinsert the syringe needle into left and enter the drug.