You will need
  • medicine, syringe, water for injection, cotton wool, alcohol
An important condition – sterility. Do not think that only human has a value of sterilization of hands and instruments when conducting a variety of medical procedures. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water before will make the dog an injection. Prepare sterile cotton, alcohol solution and a container of medicine. Please note that everything should be on you within easy reach so you don't have to run around the apartment with a syringe in hand, looking for candy or medicine. So, with clean hands carefully open the package with the syringe and holding the needle tip in a plastic bag, plant it on the base of the syringe.
Now type in a syringe medication. If the solution is in the vial, open it with a nail file and type the contents of the syringe. If you are dealing with a dry substance, dissolve, enter into a special syringe of water for injection and puncture the rubber cap of the vial of medicine, insert it inside. The needle must be removed and then close the cap, and the solution stirred until homogeneous. After the medicinal substance to dissolve completely, and the other with a sterile needle again pierce the cap and enter the required amount of drug into the syringe. When the medication in the syringe is typed, make sure that there are no more bubbles of air – pressure on the syringe until the medicine does not appear on the surface of the needle.
Most responsible – himself prick. Find the withers is the place where the neck ends and starts of the scapula of the dog. The nerve endings here are a few and important blood vessels are far away, so even if you do something not so, no harm to the animal will not do. So, collect the left hand the skin on the shoulder in the crease, and right quick confident movement enter at the base of the folds needle. Do not be afraid to insert the needle too deeply, remember that you need to enter the medication under the skin, and it can be done only if the puncture is not superficial. Is to insert the needle at 2/3, but if you get deeper is good, too. Now press on the syringe, continuing to hold the pleat in the assembled state. When the syringe is empty, carefully remove the needle and only then straighten the crease on the withers.