You will need
  • - the code of the city;
  • - telephone number;
  • - information about the long distance operator working in your area.
Specify the mode of long distance communication. In localities have not yet introduced a digital PBX connections are made by operators. In this case, you will need to dial a number and make the order, stating the desired city, phone number and estimated time of connection. But most places had long distance communication.
Remember, if you changed mode of long distance. A few years ago, subscribers were given the opportunity of a permanent choice of the operator long-distance communication. For this it was necessary to apply on the transition to hot-choice. In this case, every time you call, you can choose the operator that provides the best rates or the best quality in this area. That is, when you dial the numberand before the city code you want to add digital signage company.
Dial for "Rostelecom" - 55, and for the "MTT" - 53 in a long distance relationship and 58 international. In other words, in the first case set will look like this: 8 (beep) — 55 — location code — number of the subscriber. "MTT" is required to press the following buttons: 8 - 53 - area code - number of the subscriber.
Pre-select or pre-select an operator that allows to simplify the technology call. In this case it is not necessary to dial additional digits, and after an 8-key immediately follows the area code and number phone. The majority of subscribers were called to reform and continues to use the service now.
Calls from mobile long-distance calls are virtually indistinguishable from similar from stationary phones with pre-selection operator. The only but very significant difference is the tariff. For mobile communication are much higher.
Use ip telephony to save, if you talk a lot long distance. This service provided by many private companies. They have access to existing channels for long-distance communication through Internet channels. After purchasing a special card or signing the contract, you follow the instructions when prompted. Usually have to dial a lot more digits than the conventional long distance connection. Especially effective use of ip telephony for global communications.