In order to call any Ukrainian city from a landline phone in Russia, it is necessary to know not only the number, but the area code in which you call. Please note that the number written in the format (area code) subscriber number should be the sum of the ten digits. For example, when calling in Kiev is a three digit code and seven digit number, when you call to Feodosiya or Yevpatoria – five-digit and five-digit number.
Grab your phone, dial "8" (intercity line), and if you are calling from a digital PBX, wait for dial tone. Then dial "10" (access to international line) and the "38" code of Ukraine. Then dial the area code and destination number. Thus, the order of the set looks like this: 8 - 10 -38 –(code) – (phone number). If you call on a mobile phone – after dialing the international code you dial a ten-digit phone number.
If you need to call to Ukraine from your mobile phone, the procedure is slightly simplified: you do not have to dial the exit codes for long-distance and international line. Simply dial country code: + 38 (don't forget about the plus code is a must!) and the ten digit number.