You will need
  • - screwdriver flat or Phillips (depending on the specific motor heater);
  • - spanners of the required size;
  • - pliers;
  • - a few drops of any lubricating oil;
  • - new bushings (if you know what sleeve will fit);
  • - rag for cleaning;
  • - a little alcohol or gasoline;
  • - a hammer.
Disassemble or remove the console of the car to gain access to the compartment of the fan. Disconnect the power terminals from the motor. Be careful not to break the contacts, which are attached to these terminals. Unscrew the nuts or screws holding the motor in the compartment.
Clear of the blade. If the fan blades are not attached with the nut, and tightly fixed on the shaft and remove them by hand does not work, then lightly heat them. For example, construction Hairdryer. A little plastic will soften and it will be easy to pull off.
Thoroughly clean the impeller from dirt. This will improve her balance and reduce bearing wear.
Disassemble the motor, using a screwdriver or wrench, depending on the model of the motor. For some models, housing parts are attached to each other curved antennae. In this case, carefully straighten them with pliers and a screwdriver.
Also there are models in which the location of the bearings is closed with a special removable plastic caps. To lubricate the bearings of such motors, it is sufficient to remove the caps and drip oil into the holes. If then the creaking of such a motor has not disappeared, it will still have to disassemble.
Clean dust from the casing and extracted the inside. Carefully inspect the bearings-bushings. Their increased wear may be the cause of jamming of the motor. If necessary, replace them.
Wipe the rubbing parts with alcohol or gasoline to clean them from dirt and old grease. After evaporation of the alcohol (or gasoline) apply a few drops of lubricating oil in place of friction. Excess grease remove the cloth.
Carry out the Assembly of the motor in the reverse order. Be careful: all the bushings, gaskets, and other parts that need to stand their ground. Otherwise, perhaps the accumulation of dust inside the motor, and as a consequence – failure. Install the motor into place, connect the power supply terminals. Observe the correct polarity. Otherwise, in the best case, the fan will blow in the opposite direction and would have to remove the console.