You will need
  • stove from ZAZ-966 or ZAZ-968;
  • spare parts for the stove;
  • - drill with a 1 mm drill bit;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - the thermostat;
  • switch auto;
  • - diode 10 A;
  • - wires;
  • - spark plug;
  • - the components for contactless ignition system
First, you choose the place of installation of the stove and the gas cylinder. Mount the heater, it is desirable to perform quick, on the tightening clamps. To the installation site of gas cylinder demand only one thing – it should be warm.
Fully disassemble the stove, clean it from soot, sludge and deposits. Rinse and blow out all the hoses and piping. The motor loop, clean and lubricate. The nozzle of the carburetor will be drilled to a diameter 1 mm non-return valve shut off and sealed. For the carb make a new gasket that covers the top of the overflow opening to the nozzle. Check solenoid valve and replace it if faulty. As a new you can use any other suitable solenoid valve powered by 12 V.
The electrical part with a new thermostat, a diode and a switch assembled in a separate housing, for example, from under the fuse box. The remote control stove fix in any place convenient for you. To connect it to the stove, use a three-core wire with a cross section of each conductor is not less than 1.5 sq. mm.
Regular candle glow replace the car spark plug with a pre-cut carving. To seal the new plugs in the mounting socket, use a copper sealing ring. New ignition system make using modern components. From any car with take contactless ignition switch, coil, Hall sensor and a set of connecting wires. The connection guide on the same lines, what connects glow plug.
When connecting the stove to a car battery in the circuit to enable the fuse 10 A. connect the stove directly to the battery, to be able to warm up when the ignition is off. Installed in the control unit, the diode must be a value of 10 And on and off the solenoid valve (gas flow) simultaneously with the power-off thermostat. The adjusting screw on the housing of the thermostat adjust his work according to his senses.
Redone so the stove gets rid of its main drawbacks – it becomes easy to manage, fast to start and quickly warms the interior of the vehicle or premises, uses cheap gas and when you run without draining the battery. Due to thermostat can maintain a certain temperature, turning on and off as needed.