Get a special spray-stretching in a Shoe store. Developed by experts formula helps the skin to stretch and to sit exactly on the leg. Splash spray inside the shoes and slide it onto the leg. So like a couple of hours, and shoes will cease to be a nuisance.
Take advantage of the popular method of struggle against tight shoes. Cotton socks soak with warm water, put on them shoes and wear for hours. If the socks are dry, soak again.
Widely known method for stretching suede shoes is the use of alcohol. Make a solution in alcohol or take vodka, soak cotton wool inside shoes and put her bare foot. Walk in the shoes at least an hour. If you can't wear a Shoe without a sock, do the following: wet the sock with vodka, slightly wring out, and put it on top of the shoes. Most importantly, do not wear shoes with alcohol more than 2-3 hours, otherwise the suede will stretch too much.
Use the newspaper. For footwear, try a newspaper, moisten it, it should be wet, and fill her shoes. Leave overnight - in the morning you will get a stretched shoes.
Boil water, soak in it a cotton cloth. Each Shoe, wrap a cloth and leave until cool and dry. Do not put shoes to the heaters and batteries to speed up the process, the effect of this stretching is reduced or even missing. After drying Melo wear shoes, they seem much freer.
Use the services of professionals. Almost any repair shop eats Shoe service Shoe stretching. Contact the nearest item to you quickly and efficiently pull huddling shoes.