For stretch marks improvised means unnecessary nothing special. Take warm water and Newspapers, fit and unnecessary rags. Tightly, stuff the shoes with newspaper and wet it with warm water. Now be patient and wait until the shoes dry out. Try them and if you dont like the results, repeat the procedure. The second time the shoes have to stretch, but don't forget to report when repeated the procedure a few Newspapers.
Buy a special tool for stretching shoes. Thoroughly saturate the necessary shoes and wait. To make the stretch you need on the shoes worn on the leg or stuffed with Newspapers. Just to wet stretching is pointless, the result is not obtained. Better apply when you are already shod, but will have a little walk in wet shoes, but there's nothing you can do about it.
Contact Shoe shop. You will increase the size of the Shoe to the right, but sometimes there are surprises, though unpleasant. When it's all done, you may find that the shoes felt a little big, but to hold everything in reverse order are unlikely to succeed. Before you order the shoes increase in size, talk to the cobbler, maybe your shoes are made of such material that he himself a few days socks stretch.